Mutton Bustin’

Five to seven-year-olds under 55 pounds ride a sheep out of a chute and into an arena. Like professional rodeo events, time and score count. Anything goes and usually does, as contestants cling to the back of thickly coated lambs for as long as they can.

Mutton Bustin’ will occur an hour and fifteen minutes prior to the start of each rodeo, with around 30 kids participating in each pre-show. The top scores and a lucky number winner from each pre-show will compete in a championship round of mutton bustin’ during the rodeo. Mutton Busters will draw a lucky number at check-in. A number will be drawn after the pre-show to give a mutton buster, who had not already qualified, a spot in the rodeo performance

Mutton Bustin’ Dates & Time:
Pre-Show Mutton Bustin’  – Friday, April 15 |  5:45 p.m. 
Pre-Show Mutton Bustin’  – Saturday, April 16 |  12:45 p.m.
Pre-Show Mutton Bustin’  – Saturday, April 16 |  5:45 p.m.

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Ages: 5-7, must be a minimum of 5 years old by date, cannot be older than 7 years old by April 1, 2022
Weight: maximum of 55lbs
Limit: 30 kids per per-show, 90 kids total 
Format: 30 kids participate in a pre-show mutton bustin’ event. The top scores + lucky number move onto a championship round during the rodeo.
Tickets: All kids participating will receive one free ticket (for them) all additional tickets will need to be purchased through our ticket office.
Notification: Only winners are notified.
Registration Closes: March 21, 2022