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2022 Rodeo All-Star Champions

[ meet the champions ]
Kenny Hawthorn - Bareback

Kenny Hawthorn

Bareback Riding

Hometown: Windsor, CO
Age: 27
Association: PRCA

Katelyn Scott - Barrel Racing

Katelyn Lide-Scott

Barrel Racing

Hometown: Odessa, Tx
Age: 31
Association: WPRA
Horse: Shake

Mason Briggs - Bull Rider

Briggs Madsen

Bull Riding

Hometown: Trenton, UT
Age: 23
Association: PRCA


Jesse Kruse - Saddle Bronc

Jesse Kruse

Saddle Bronc Riding

Hometown: Fromberg, MT
Age: 35
Association: PRCA
About:  2x RAS Champion, 2013 & 2022

Seth Peterson - Steer Wrestling

Seth Peterson

Steer Wrestling

Hometown: Wellington, CO
Age: 24
Association: PRCA

Linsay Sumpter - Breakaway Roping

Linsay Rosser Sumpter

Breakaway Roping

Hometown: Fowler, CO
Age: 43
Association: WPRA
About: Commissioner of the Women’s Rodeo World Championship

Logan Vick - Tie-Down

Logan Vick

Tie-down Roping

Hometown: Byers, CO
Age: 28
Association: PRCA


2022 Rodeo All-Star Champions!